Chelation Therapies

The most common and toxic heavy metals that can poison our systems and lead to fatigue and illness are iron, lead

The most common and toxic heavy metals that can poison our systems and lead to fatigue and illness are iron, lead, cadmium and mercury. Iron is by far the most common of the heavy metals that predisposes individuals to heart disease. It promotes the activity of free radicals and therefore leads to an accelerated arterial damage. Lead and cadmium are common industrial pollutants also encourage activity and poison producing free radicals that prevent tissue repair enzymes. Mercury is found in some types of seafood and in dental fillings. Its toxicity can depress the immune system and cause a number of symptoms. Even excess iron, as in hereditary hemochromatosis, can accelerate degenerative disease and damage the heart, accelerating the damage from free radicals.

terapia-quelacion-001abMany patients with low energy and chronic fatigue feel absolutely rejuvenated after a series of treatments chelation. The circulation is improved, and the body no longer has to work overtime to carry their load of toxic metals.

Beyond its effects on heavy metals, EDTA chelation also helps eliminate unsuitable calcium accumulation in tissues. Calcium gravitates to the atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels, leading to an arterial narrowing and blockage. Chelation mobilized slowly and gently calcium from the plate, and thus the flow of blood vessels and restore elasticity.

How chelation therapy work?

For most of these metals, an intravenous solution of vitamins, minerals, and chelator EDTA is prepared and is applied intravenously. EDTA is a substance known for its ability to pull heavy metals out of the body. EDTA is removed entirely from the body in the same way by which he entered, but at its output, metals and minerals extracted from the body. Patients generally undergo between 10 and 20 chelation treatments over a period of weeks or months. Each treatment lasts a couple of hours and so it should be monitored by means of laboratory tests the functions of vital organs involved in this process as the liver and kidneys especially. Minerals and nutrients can also join with the EDTA, so their levels should be carefully reviewed and controlled through supplementation. After chelation number of the application of molecular ortho replacement therapies for vitamins and minerals it is recommended especially.terapia-quelacion-001cd

We advise the patient to eat a good meal before treatment, and blood pressure is monitored before and after each infusion. To flush the kidneys, at least 16 ounces of water should be drunk during treatment.

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