Hidrolipoclasia: an effective treatment

Hidrolipoclasia: an effective treatment against cellulite and localized fat

The hidrolipoclasia is a treatment that is done with great success in patients who have localized fat in common areas such as abdomen, groin, sides and arms. We started with a nutritional assessment to evaluate weight and percentage of body fat and visceral. We limit the areas to be treated to a thorough disinfection and then apply large volumes of prepared lipolytic medications and applied by a single picket solution that covers the designated area. It’s a little painful technique, although the pain threshold is individual for each patient. The solution is redistributed throughout the area followed by a 30-minute session of Ultracavitación which is based on ultrasonic waves produced in the adipocyte rupture of its membrane causing its implosion, releasing fat for later elimination through the lymphatic system, urine and feces. The best results are obtained by combining 30 minutes immediately after Radiofrequency to encourage drainage of the broken fat and skin tightening.

hidrolipoclasia-mitos-y-realidadesSide effects are minimal; It may show a slight swelling, pain and some bruises that disappear within a few days. It does not have specific contraindications, but does not apply to pregnant women or uncontrolled chronic diseases. Except risk groups anyone can benefit from this technique.

Once you programmed its first session should begin with a nutritional program inflammatory, exercise and drink plenty of water before and after the session. This will help remove the fat that is released by the contact of the ultrasonic waves with adipocytes.

The frequency and number of sessions depends on the volume and quantity of areas to be treated, but the benefits are obvious from the first application.

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