Ozone therapy in cancer

Medical treatments with ozone have been introduced gradually throughout the world. 

Medical treatments with ozone have been introduced gradually throughout the world. Ozone therapy principles are not new, but recent medical research has made significant progress and previously unpublished applications. One of the most important applications of this technique is its application health in cases of cancer, and confirmed scientifically positive results.

Ozone therapy has a varied action mechanism is oxygenating germicidal immune regulator, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and active antioxidant systems. All this with “one shot”. Any sick and especially cancer patient need the proper functioning of all these systems, so there is no exception, people with any type of cancer should receive treatment with ozone therapy.

ozono-terapia-ozonoterapia01This therapy is definitely a supplement for cancer patients. Currently the three procedures mentioned anticancer weapons are first-rate, especially surgery. However, all in the patient they cause a huge oxidative stress and severe deterioration in their level of anti-infectious defenses. It is very important to protect the body against oxidative attack of these therapies. Ozone therapy active antioxidant enzyme systems and cancer immune-surveillance increases, besides having an antitumor effect it protects healthy cell against overproduction of free radicals. Moreover, based radiotherapy produce its effect on hydroxyl radical, for this to occur is the better oxygenate the area to radiate more efficiently will radiotherapy. Ozone increases the transport of oxygen to the tissue and thereby has a synergistic effect with radiation therapy delay while presenting side effects when they appear and are minor.

There is no contraindication, ozone can be applied even to pregnant patients, patients with anticoagulant therapy, children of months. The favism (deficiency of the enzyme glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) that causes a kind of anemia may be a contraindication.
Studies in both animals and humans, in vitro and in vivo, on the effectiveness of ozone in many diseases and including cancer. Possibly the most studied effect of ozone is its ability to increase oxygen transport to tissues and the ability to stimulate or activate the antioxidant enzyme systems.

The International Journal of Cancer, of May 15, 2008, has published an extraordinary article 8 sheets referred to healing squamous cell tumors in head-neck in rabbits by insufflation of oxygen-ozone intraperitoneal, work done by Dr. Siegfried Schultz of the University of Marburg.

Among the diseases that are treated with ozone therapy, they are all those with inflammatory processes of different tissues, as well as autoimmune diseases and many other chronic-degenerative diseases.

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