Vitamin C in the cancer treatment

Our body is designed to heal itself alone and to meet internal balance that keeps us in good health; however, there are times when injuries that the body cannot repair are generated and begins to develop a toxic process which we call disease.

Specifically, in the case of cancer, the cancer cells are multiplied, thus avoiding the self-healing of the organism in a normal situation.

vitamina-c-cancerCancer cells and tumors are sensitive to oxidation, so it is considered that therapies with mega doses of vitamin C are effective because, when oxidizing a pro-oxidative factor is generated, affecting only diseased cells without touching the healthy ones, more directly attacking the problem. Besides having an oxidizing effect, therapies with large doses of vitamin C provide the necessary nutrition for the body to be able to continue its natural repair process, and likewise helps correct anemia, inhibits the generation of new vessels blood (angiogenesis), blocks the inflammatory processes in the body that can develop other illnesses and helps respect the natural cycles of the body such as the immune and hormonal.

Vitamin C in smaller doses can be found in a variety of foods, and for therapies in large doses is administered intravenously and therefore can achieve much higher concentrations in the blood that orally. Since the 1970s, there has been a delayed process in growth and proliferation of neoplastic cells in patients with different types of cancer, causing very few side effects, so it is considered an essential therapy in treating this and other diseases in a natural and effective approach.

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