Biological medicine is a specialty focused on restoring health through self-healing capacity of the body.

It considers that diseases are caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, due to poor nutrition, excessive medicines, poor oxygenation and poor waste disposal. It is oriented to see the whole patient, not just the symptoms or treats the disease, it focuses on correcting internal imbalances that trigger conditions.

Biological therapies detoxify, balance and strengthen our entire system, not produce undesirable side effects and can be combined with any conventional treatment.que_es_medicina_biologica
In every individual there is a natural tendency to health. Biological medicine’s aim is to enhance the resources each body has, to deal with the disease.

Many people are opting for biological medicine when sick, and there is a constant and growing search of a healthier life style and medication without chemicals that produce undesirable side effects.

Biological medicine provides a set of diagnostic techniques and treatment characterized by therapies used that are based on the fundamental principles of the Regulatory Medicine:

  • Treat the patient as a whole, not the disease.
  • Disruption and elimination of pathological or toxic loads.
  • Stimulus- reaction principle.
  • Whole body reaction.
  • Minimum efficiency targeted stimuli.
  • Activation of self-healing forces.