At Biomedical Cancer Center we approach the disease in a holistic way, meaning that we care for the physical, mental, emotional and nutritional part of the body so they can all work together in order for your body to fight the cancer. As we understand that every patient is different and that there are several factors that influence the diagnosis and treatment such as lifestyle, emotional relations, nutritional habits and such, we design every treatment in a customized way in order to take the best approach for every patient´s needs.

This is why we need to make a personalized plan according to every condition; meanwhile we share our Frequently Asked Questions, in that way if you have any other concern, Camila Dueñas will be able to help you with them.


We treat several types of diseases, especially chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and heavy metal poisoning, among many others.

The duration of the treatment depends on the therapy the patient is going to receive, for immunotherapy we take two to three weeks to provide the full treatment.

As we treat many types of diseases including cancer, it is very hard or even impossible to say a success rate because every patient is different and every condition is too, the way a patient respond to one treatment may not be the same as the reaction of another patient for the same treatment. What we do offer all our patients is the best treat and a team of professionals that will work as hard as possible to provide the patient a better lifestyle and better quality of life.

The total amount for your treatment should be paid upon your arrival. We accept cash, checks, deposits and credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

All patients should be initially assessed to determine what according to their needs or what would be the best options for you. Our treatments are integral and complementary with most other treatments and do not cause any no side effects. As a general recommendation we encourage patients to start having a healthier diet and inform us about your plans to come at least one week prior your arrival.

Yes, it is actually recommended for patients to bring companions especially when it is necessary to stay for several days, as the patient needs all the support possible.

We are located in Tijuana, Mexico, at Calle Diego Rivera #2351, int. 604, Torre Norte building, Zona Río, Tijuana.

If you are visiting us form any other part of the U.S, Canada or any other part of the world, you can fly to San Diego and we will have someone to pick you up and bring you here. You can also fly to Tijuana directly as we offer the same pick up service, or if you wish to come by car we will give you driving directions from the border to the clinic.

You can either stay in San Diego or in Tijuana, however we do recommend our patients to stay in Tijuana because it is a lot easier since the crossing of the border can get very busy. We have special fares at some of the most prestigious hotels in Tijuana, which are located near our facilities. If you wish to stay at one of these hotels, Camila Dueñas will help you with the reservation so you won´t have to worry about anything for your arrival.

Unfortunately we do not work with any insurance, however we are affiliated to a health financing plan that you can apply in order to finance your treatment as well as the airplane fare, transportation and accommodation.

Once you finish your treatment here, you will be given some personal vaccines that you can apply at home every 8 to 10 days for about three months. In addition to your nutrition plan, these vaccines will help you boost your immune system in order to continue the treatment. After the three months we decide whether we continue with the maintenance phase or you should need another cycle of immunotherapy or the treatment that you received here.