Therapies with mega doses of ascorbic acid or vitamin C, are used to fight from a common cold to the most terrible cancers, through its course by the anti-aging effect. This is a necessary biological factor with numerous enzymes that have important metabolic functions in our body, related to the formation of molecules of collagen biosynthesis of carnitine, obtaining norepinephrine uptake and metabolic stored iron and with many more.

Ascorbic acid is an effective antioxidant destructor of oxygen free radicals, participants in the processes of cell aging and constituents of many degenerative origin, malignant and cardiovascular diseases. Signs of vitamin C deficiencies include: shortness of breath, poor digestion, bleeding gums, weakening the teeth and enamel, joint pain, nosebleeds, anemia, reduced resistance to infection and slower cure of injuries and fractures.

At Medibiologica, we offer therapies with megadoses of vitamin C for various kinds of diseases, which generates beneficial effects such as:

  • Inhibition of cancer cells in the body, especially in tumors of lung, breast, prostate, liver, and pancreas.
  • Promotes proper formation of bones and teeth, reduce the bodily effects of some substances product allergies, prevents and cures colds, accelerates healing processes and lowers cholesterol levels up to 35-40% in patients with arteriosclerosis.

  • Stimulates production of interferons thus acts as a virus inactivator that are the cause herpes, hepatitis, polio, encephalitis, measles and pneumonia; also it increases the defenses against bacteria that cause diseases such as tuberculosis, tetanus and typhoid.

  • It has been reported that this vitamin has an anti-anxiety effect in the nervous system, as it is used as the treatment of schizophrenia. Furthermore, treatment with ascorbic acid results in an improvement in depression and paranoia cases. In fact, studies show that psychiatric patients have a high need for vitamin C.

  • Other benefits of vitamin C are: protection against freezing, slowing the aging process and the formation of muscle mass. Ascorbic acid can reduce the need for certain drugs administered to cancer patients, including L-Dopa and painkillers. In addition, this vitamin prevents certain enzymes break the natural pain-killing substances produced by the brain.