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Orthomolecular medicine

Orthomolecular medicine

Cellular repair utilizes natural substances and elements, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, probiotics, and coenzymes. These will enable better development and biochemical rebalancing, neutralizing toxic effects and improving the quality of life.
Orthomolecular medicine strives to maintain an optimal molecular equilibrium between our internal and natural components, such as:
1. Optimizing cellular health:providing adequate nutrients in the right amounts aims to improve cellular function and metabolism. As a result, it can support improved general health and illness prevention.
2. Treatment of nutritional deficiencies: Orthomolecular medicine focuses on treating specific deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. By addressing these deficiencies, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms and enhance the quality of life.
3. Immune system support: It involves fortifying cells and supplying essential nutrients, which can help prevent infection and disease.
4. Reducing oxidative stress: Antioxidants are a fundamental part of orthomolecular medicine. They help protect cells from free radical damage, which can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
5. Improves athletic performanceBy optimizing cellular health and providing necessary nutrients, some athletes and other sportsmen and women have experienced improvements in their physical performance.


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