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Neural therapy

Neural therapy

This procedure focuses on the Vegetative Nervous System (VNS) and aims to facilitate the self-healing mechanisms of the sick organism through stimuli at specific points.
Any infection, inflammation, trauma, or dental condition experienced anywhere in the body, including stressful psychic conditions, can act as an interfering field.
To alleviate these irritations, a substance called procaine is injected into the points of the nervous system that are considered to be the most irritated. This could be the determining factor of the disease.
Neural therapy can provide immediate improvement and usually improves with repetition until the absence of symptoms is achieved. Contrary to pharmacological therapy, wherein the body eventually becomes accustomed to the medication and tends to modify or augment its dosage to achieve comparable outcomes.
Procaine possesses antagonistic properties that aid in alleviating pain and stress. Associated with this are a vegetative response and an adaptation syndrome. Procaine is known for its capillary, vasodilator, analgesic, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory properties.


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